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Sunday Sailing 26/4/15.

Sunday report and pictures Last Sunday saw dry but cold weather, all members present commented on the condition of the water it is crystal clear and not a weed or underwater obstruction in sight ( I hope im not speaking to soon ). It was a general sail what you bring day and a variety of boats were put on the water, including a very unusual Russian torpedo boat sailed by Richard. Phil and Pual had the usual coming together of club 500s resulting in Phils boat turning turtle and Pauls boat breaking its prop and bending the rudder. It is testament to the hardiness of the little boats they don't sustain more damage. We were joined later by Alan and Titus who brought along his lovely big tug that was really at home on the pool. Lets hope the weather gets a little warmer for the sailing clubs open day next Monday, Enjoy the photos. Mark Hough    

Wednesday Evening Sail 22/4/15.

Report from todays evening sail.
Today saw the first evening sail of the year, and what an evening it was. We had a good turnout of members making the most of the conditions, the weather was ideal for all model boats. Five of us held an impromptu club 500 race, three managed to finish the race the right way up although Phil crossed the line with the top missing from his boat, later rescued by Terry. The conditions were perfect for the maiden sail of my US Coastguard boat, and to say I am happy with it is an understatement. I was expecting to add a little ballast but the boat sits nicely on the water and performs very well. Terry and Paul put their pursuits their paces and enjoyed the very calm conditions. The Collins brothers accompanied by Diane, spent a great deal of time on the water and were happy to potter around the lake enjoying the evening sunshine. Thanks to Ed and  Pat for commandeering my camera and taking photos of the evening. Regards Mark Hough

Sunday Sailing 19/4/15.

Roger was first at the pool and was happily sailing his yacht when I turned up and was making the most of the good sailing conditions. New buoys were marked and put on the water setting out two courses, it was suggested that crosses should be sprayed on the surface to identify the buoys position. It was good to see a variety of different types of boats from fast electric to yacht and scale. It was also good to see Ed Jones sailing his yacht again following his recent illness, from which I am glad to say he is recovering. We held a couple of Club 500 races in which Roger emerged victorious in both races, he appears to have got the set up of his boat spot on. Before leaving the club a few of us went to the club house galley for a coffee, and were pleasantly happy to discover that mugs of Tea and Coffee were free, and with buns and sausage rolls available for a very reasonable cost rounded of the morning nicely. A reminder that midweek sailing starts this Wednesday 22nd April from 6pm, …

Tamar update 13/4/15.

Slowly  [but steadily] does it.  I have been attacking another bit of the "Y boat" project area and have made up the rear deck doors. I thought it best to get these out of the way, so it then gives me the measurement I need to make up on the transom door top edge, as this acts as the rear lip edge for the deck doors too. Sounds more complicated in words than it does in pictures, see for yourself:

 There will of course be locking catches, which lock on to the rear deck rails for the doors, to prevent them falling closed on top of someones head !!!
The outer hinges were used, straight from the kit, but after fitting and operating a couple of times, the centre hinges failed, so were replaced by proper brass hinges, sourced from a "dolls house accessory supplier".

Sunday sailing 22 & 29 March 2015.

Firstly apologies for the delay in posting the Sunday Sailing reports, but hope this double header makes up for the long wait !
Sunday 22nd March The weather and water conditions were near perfect for the mornings powered racing, dead calm surface and no wind. The lack of wind meant that the planned yacht race was out of the question, Cyril the most experienced amongst us did put his boat on the water, but it still took him around 30 minutes to do a lap of the course. The fast electrics were also ruled out, as only we only had boat. The combined scores for the two races were as follow.
VAUGHAN:      20    POINTS              PAT:     20    POINTS             PHIL:     16    POINTS          CYRIL:     11    POINTS        ROGER:      10   POINTS          MARK:       4   POINTS         TERRY:       3   POINTS
All present made the most mornings conditions and enjoyed the sailing.
Sunday 5th April
Once again the conditions were fantastic dead calm water and the slightest of breath of a wi…