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Happy New Year 2016.

A Very Happy New Year 2016 to ALL.

Club membership renewal forms have gone out electronically to all club members with email and by post to those that do not.
Chasewater Model Boat Club look forward to seeing you all in the New year.

If anyone needs forms, please contact the Club Membership Secretary at:

Merry Christmas !

On Behalf of Chasewater Model Boat Club. I would like to wish both ALL of our Club Members and all our Internet viewers a Very Happy Christmas.

I just hope you have remembered to order the correct voltage Lipo's and dont forget to tune the reciever in first before you launch!

Sunday Sailing report 8/11/15

My Thanks again to Pat for sending me a Sailing report, very much appreciated..

Not a lot to report this week, as the weather on Remembrance Sunday morning was not the best, however a couple of boats were put on the pool by Roger the other 4 of us just had a chat and put the world right, as you do. It was deemed a little inclement for a club 500 run and this was duly scrubbed until a better week. Terry, Vaughan, Paul and i were then treated to an interesting display from the newly formed Burntwood topless ladies outdoor synchronized swimming team on one of their rare outings, sporting dual poppy`s. Please make sure that there are more club members at the pool for their next brave outing and please give them your support or a warm hand, should  they so desire it! Don`t forget its your club and the monthly meeting is, as already has been said,  7 for 7.30 tomorrow Tues 10/11. Have a pint and a chat at the Sailing Cub house.

Sunday Sailing 1/11/15.

Many thanks again to pat for kindly putting finger[s] to keyboard for the Sailing report.
Short report from All Saints day Sunday 1/11 Slightly foggy, still morning and for the 4th week at least flat calm water. Pursuit boats were in abundance with at least 6 yellow perils blasting around the course a few different set ups but all at fast speeds. Along side that were a couple of fast cats, one losing an on board cam and other fast mono`s throwing up rooster tails, could be good racing for the brave or foolish? Mel showed a lovely fishing boat. Karl and Phil with more sedate models with Phil continuing his bad luck when a split coupling busted a hole in the hull of his new RAF boat eliciting a fast response from Mark in Tiggy who rescued it with just its bow bobbing in the lake. Two 500 races took part with the usual crowd 6 taking part this week, Terry the timer and Ed on the scores. Thank you for that chaps. After the usual bravado and threats of introducing a swear box the …

International Model Boat Show. Warwickshire


Sponsored by
INTERNATIONAL MODEL BOAT SHOW Friday 6th November to Sunday 8th November 2015

Visit the only 3 day marine modelling exhibition in the UK.

The Venue Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Fosse Way, Nr Leamington Spa, CV31 1XN
Opening Times 10.00am - 4.00pm Daily.
Last admissions one hour before at 3pm.
Visitor Information
There is free parking at the venue for over 2,000 vehicles. Postcode for the venue is CV31 1XN.

For accommodation in the area please click here
If you are booking for a group please use the discount code GRP10 to get the 10% discount - this is for groups of 10 or more tickets.

Please note there will be NO MOTORHOME PARKING available at this year’s show.Due to the additional disabled parking required for this event we regret we will be unable to accept motorhomes as this area is to be used for disabled parking…

Sunday Sailing 25/10/15

My thanks go to Pat again for forwarding a sailing report on todays antic's !

Sunday 25th Oct sailing Apology for not taking camera but no new boats were sailing other than Vaughan`s new Pursuit, almost straight out of the box plus a drop of glue, it ran well, as they do and we know what they look like. All the Pursuits ran well, Terry managing to get his tangled in some rope stopping it dead, no collisions non turning over, all very civilized. Phil ran his cruiser and Ed sailed his yacht in light wind and calm water. We had 2 Club 500 informal races again proving to be fun for most. The first started with some close racing around 2 buoy`s as the field stretched out those sailing up the course getting close to passing boats sailing down the course ending in a head on collision. Terry finishing 1st with 15 laps Paul also 15 Vaughan 14 Phil on 12  and me last. Unfortunately Phil`s boat going over the top of mine in the incident which stopped both our boats. Phil`s coming o…

Sunday Sailing 18/10/15.

Hope you enjoy this video clip, sent in by one of our club members today. Hopefully more images and report will follow to add to this. Thanks Tony !

19/10/15. Many thanks to Pat for kindly providing us with the latest report and also some interesting news on whats to come !

Sunday 18th 500 race. These are fun preliminary races until 2016 when the real comp starts. Water flat calm again, though a few waves washed in from the ski boats but the 500`s coped easily. The weed problem seems to have gone. Ist race only Vaughan, Paul with his taped up hull and myself set off and after some close racing for 6 laps my boat turned over no names mentioned but he has a taped up boat! Paul and Vaughan both finished with 13 laps, Paul won, unlucky! 2nd race Phil joined with his new motor, Vaughan and Paul both finished with 13 laps, Vaughan winning, Phil & me both on 12 laps, Phil 3rd, me getting used to being last. 3rd and final race, Phil withdrew, the new motor not wanting to turn anym…

GC32 Yacht Racing

Ive only recently come across these boats and after watching a few episodes on BT Sport, Im hooked. These boats are fascinating to watch, as they lift out of the water with just the foils holding them down and stopping them from flipping over.

If you have access to BT Sport on Cable or sky, suggest you do a search and watch the rest of the series, not many left as close to end of season, but will be back next year !

Sunday Sailing 4/10/15

Sunday Sailing report comes from Pat, many thanks for taking the time Pat to send this over, much appreciated by our web audience.

Just another short update for the blog if you would be so kind. Glorious sunny morning, water was flat calm, not really enough breeze for the sailboats but ideal for the fast electric and scale alike. A goodly number were in attendance after holidays etc, usual jovial crowd. I wont name names other than the results of the 500 race. There was a variety of model craft all shapes and sizes and a good time was had by all. The 500`s had 2 races and after the usual banter, badinage and boasts the thrills and spills started, the first race, with close racing, seeing off Phils 500 after a racing incident!! Carl D started for the second race but the floating weed added to the end result as much as the steering & racing skills. The result after 2 races was, Terry in his new coloured lemon peril boat 1st, me 2nd, Vaughan 3rd, Carl 4th and Phil 5th &…

Sunday Sailing 27/9/15.

Many thanks to Pat Hall for providing the following on last Sundays Sailing session:

 Just a quick report from last Sundays sail on a gorgeous calm sunny morning. John was trialing his Model Slipway Aziz 1100 mm long scale tug, very well built and sailed lovely. Phil sailed his cruiser and 500, Carl D his tug and huntsman type boat, Vaughan and me with our sailboats and 500`s We had 2 “unofficial” 500 races with varying degrees of success but loads & loads of fun, as usual. Mark arrived later and tried his new 1 metre sailboat which looked to have great potential. Wednesday only Ed with his sailboat and me with my crusader and Yorkshireman tug both enjoyed the tranquility on a lovely evening. This coming Sunday 4th i hope to run a more formal 500 race or 2, 10.30 am 1st race.
Note the Tiggy battery is fully charged !

Huddlesford historic Canal Boat Festival

Both myself and Andy Benfield made the trek over to this show on Sunday, the weather was not as bright and warm as it was on Saturday, but according to  the show organiser, the show was well attended on Sunday, as they had to open up 2 further fields to allow for car parking !
We had a good number of visitors to the stand, including Pat Hall, many thanks for your support, hope you tried some of the fayres from the other stands before you left, the ales and food looked really good. We did manage to hand out some club leaflets and offered some advise to a few people interested in boating as a beginner too.

There was no Sailing at Chasewater on Sunday, as the power boats seem to of taken to the water, can only presume it may of been their "memorial event", but no one had mentioned it to our club.