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Sunday Sailing report 19th feb '17.

A pleasant morning as we looked out of our respective bedroom windows and arrived on site to white caps on the waves and a stiff Westerly wind which was colder than you would have thought.
Even putting the course buoys out proved quite difficult as when you stopped paddling the wind quickly blew you out of position and Terry in a moment of desperation threw a weighted buoy overboard which sank 2 ft below the waves.      Mark turned up to try his newly moulded Huffy but it was too rough likewise for Terry`s Pursuit which ended up side down.The only 2 doing any good were Ed & Mark with their respective sail boats taking advantage of the wind.     The second 500 race took place at 10.30, Ed kindly being press ganged into keeping score again,which we thank him for doing and Trevor keeping time both being paid the usual Sunday morning crap rate of time and a turd.      7 boats took to the waves, rolling and bouncing about as only a Club 500 can, sometimes you wonder if we have muc…

Sunday Sailing update 14/7/17.

Just a brief resume of the past couple of weeks at the pool. Sunday sail 29th 13 members present at the pool, usual crowd nothing to report other than John for bringing more Port, to drink & warm us on a cold day. Sunday sail 5th Feb 11 members present again cold but dry had practice 500 race and fixed a larger better seat in Tigger. No photos but much good banter. Sunday sail 12th Feb cold, windy & wet day so called off scheduled 500 race. Tuesday 14th meeting CANCELLED till 2nd Tuesday in March.“Happy Valentines Day” Sunday 19th general sail for all types of boat and sailor, as usual. + official scoring 500 race (2) to be held on its normal Sunday, 1st race 10.30 & 11.15 ish weather permitting. Its staying light now till 5.30 pm we should start looking to get a couple or more of night sails with lights perhaps starting Feb 28th if interested? its usually a hoot! I hear the pool level maybe being kept low whilst drainage work continues on the dam, this should give us decent…

CMBC February club meeting.

CMBC February meeting CANCELLED !
Unfortunately, the Sailing club is unable to find a steward to open the premises for our monthly meeting, so rather than source an alternative date and reconvene, it has been decided to cancel and leave club business untill our next meeting in MARCH. Sunday sailing is NOT affected.

New World Record from Jörg M. JAG`s Team (2. München SAW 2016 / Class ...


RC boat crash compilation.