New Lifeboats for Cardigan bay announced !

Lifeboats News Release
Thursday 22 June 2017 The RNLI has announced important changes to the lifeboat service provided by the charity in Cardigan Bay. RNLI/Nathan Williams RNLI Shannon class lifeboat Download image Pwllheli and Barmouth RNLI lifeboat stations will each be allocated a 25-knot Shannon class all-weather lifeboat whilst New Quay RNLI will be allocated a faster Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat (B class) to respond to those in trouble around the coast.

Both Pwllheli and Barmouth Lifeboat Stations’ new Shannon class lifeboat will replace their existing Mersey class lifeboats and will operate alongside their existing D class inshore lifeboats. The new 35-knot Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat at New Quay will replace the station’s existing Mersey class all-weather lifeboat and will complement the station’s D class inshore lifeboat.

All three stations (Pwllheli, Barmouth and New Quay) currently operate 17-knot Mersey class all-weather lifeboats. As all three Mersey lifeboats in Cardigan…

sailing update.

Hi all just to say what a lovely warm evening at the pool, last night, pity many missed it! Must be holiday time. Water level is getting low, might not need recovery boat soon as we will be able to wade out. Does not apply to Terry, tanned and  back from his holidays, who can walk on water anyway. Just a mention of a couple of dates in the future at Chase Water Sailing club. 23rd Sept Beer festival and cocktails 4th November Bonfire Lets give them a bit of support here guys. See you soon, get your 500`s ready for Sun 27th Pat"

I have placed an order for some "CMBC Stock" of motors and spare props for Club 500's. They will be with me shortly and will be available to CMBC members whilst at Lakeside. They will be available at "cost price" to you to purchase on site, so no excuses for not being able to continue after a minor pit stop !*   Steve G.
Incidentally, after speaking to Martin [club 500 slipway] this afternoon....prices of 500's may be going up as pr…

Sunday sailing 14/5/17.

Sunday morning windy and quite a chop, just right for our monthly Club 500 battle. Paul and Terry opened up and set the course out, many thanks for that. With our usual “official” scorer Ed we set out to race, the conditions and each other. The first race started well with some gentle barging and plenty of nip & tuck racing. One or two boats rolling over but the strong wind blew them back to shore quickly to be sent out again. After what seemed an age, 5 mins according to Terry`s trusted time piece it was all over, the following results recorded Paul 1st, joint second were Mark, Phil, Vaughan and me on 12 laps, Piers 6th and Terry last, how the mighty have fallen from last year. It has to be noted that we trusted Paul to buy replacement props and since then poor Terry breaks a prop every race. However fishy it sounds it might help if Terry stopped running over other boats and buoys!! We tried in vain to run Pursuit boats but the waves made close running too dangerous, next time m…

The Chase Sailing Club open day 1/5/17.

Sorry, no written report, but at least thanks to Paul for these images.

Sunday Sailing 23/04/17.

Many thanks to Paul for kindly sending these images across. Hopefully a full report to follow and will be added asa.

Dont forget folks, we have been invited to the Sailing Clubs Open day event on Monday 1st May, so please remember to take some boats along to either static display or put on the water.

24/4/17:  Ive recieved some more images from Paul....thanks !

Sunday Sailing update 20/4/17.

Easter Sunday  was a cold day with winds making a choppy water. A few braved the conditions Phil with his Sea Commander, Carl with his proboat and Mark with his Laser and life boat all coping well. Tuesday 18th saw flat calm water but only Paul, Terry and Tony put 500`s on the lake and Paul with his Pursuit. It was decided that we should attempt a form of fast electric race on Sunday 23rd if the weather is fine. If anyone is interested 10.30 for starters, see how it goes.
All other members and all other types of craft are welcome as although the water level has dropped by at least another 200 mm over the weekend there is still plenty of water to use. Pat.
If any club member requires club stickers for their boats or car screen stickers.....or sew on cloth badges. Please contact Steve Gregory, Club Secretary as we have plenty in stock.

sunday sailing report 2/4/17

Sunday 2nd saw a full size GP14 race at Chasewater which caused no problems to us modellers as we used the lagoon which proved fine with the fast boats, Tony`s tug and the 500`s, some brand new, out for first tests on water. As it`s Easter Sunday 16th, the Sunday after our club meeting Tuesday 11th, which is our regular 500 race it was decided that the race would be brought forward this month to this coming Sunday 9th. Usual start 10.30, weather permitting, maybe get my shorts on. Any help setting up the course and scoring much appreciated. We sorted the buoys out last Tuesday and should be better now. Pat