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Firstly my hat goes off to those hardy club members who braved the frost and cold to sail last Sunday morning, My personal thanks also go to Paul for sending the report and pictures.

Here's a few photos I took today at the boat club of the few people who ventured out in the cold ( a day missed by all it was quite calm)
Note!! Terry's new arrival whatch out all he's a serious contender for next year.
Terry did manage to flip his pursuit thou after breaking a iceberg from the rescue boat we managed to rescue it followed by a hot cup of coffee to thaw out.
All in all it was a good morning with Phil Collins arriving later with the mallard duck man, please excuse me I forgot the gentlemans name.

Kind regards
Paul Gutteridge


Site updates

Firstly, my appologies for the loss of updates recently, but due to our Club Chairman having to do his "seasonal stand in" [ sorry cant give the game away, just incase any children are reading this !].

I have put a call out to our other members to send in any pictures they can whilst on site sailing, but as yet, no response.

In the meantime, I have been sent these pictures of a brushless motor conversion [from I/C] by one of our club members.
I cant wait to see this motor do a few revolutions !

  have finally finished my lynx 47 brushless conversion, it has a 6 horse power monster brushless motor powered with 2 x 6 cell 5000mah turnigy lipo's, a swordfish pro+ 220amp esc.

Sundays report
BRRRRRR it was cold Despite the cold we had a very good turnout from members around twelve turned out to brave weather. Again water conditions were very good and the level appears to be on the increase. The speed freaks made the most of the conditions enjoying the calm water. Pete,Paul,Pat and myself spent time on the water with our yachts these made for a nice flotilla. Terry, Paul Pat and Phil have invented a new game, its called. Lets see who can sail their club 500 the furthest before we lose sight of it. As Mr T would say "CRAZY FOOLS" but great for the spectator several time times people were heard to say "where the flippin eck are they?" To finish a reminder that it is the monthly meeting next Tuesday at the Sailing club, we have been told the bar will be open. Finally on a sad note, on Monday we said a sad farewell to Tony Rowley one of the clubs founder members. Tony was a really nice man and excellent model maker, he will be missed by thos…

Sunday Sailing, 23/11/14.

For the second week running despite the weather being cold, the water was calm and ideal for sailing. John warmed us up by supplying a drink of port for everyone to celebrate his 21st birthday. Phil was back on the water with his club 500 after breaking a prop last week and it performed really well. I reckon he as fitted a balanced 50mm phosphor bronze racing prop. Mel fitted a gps system to his Black Jack and did some speed tests, on one run he averaged almost 39mph, which I thought was pretty good, but he was not happy and wanted more speed. On inspection of the boat he discovered there was a lot of play in the prop shaft and went home to sort it out, so watch this space. We left the pool around 12-30 in time to watch the Grand Prix. Regards Mark Hough  

Warley Train show 2014.

Ive just come back from my visit the the Warley Train Show at the NEC and yes, its a show that gets more popular and bigger in size every year too!  There are loads of stalls selling both trains in all scales, even a lot big enough to run in your garden and of course no stand would be complete without loads of spares, tools and accessories for your trains and layouts.
the demonstration area had been split up this year and spread out a little to make it more accessible for all who wanted a little tutoring on various skills from making trees, to building locomotives in brass.
heres a few pictures [complete with some of full scale loco's too from the show].