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The Sunday following our monthly meeting being deemed the official club 500 race, was eagerly awaited by the regulars. T`was a nice bright morning with a light breeze in our faces as is usual. Terry set out the slightly shortened but familiar M shaped course from the recovery boat with the expert guidance of Tony and me and the members, wiping sleep from their eyes, rolled up for the 1st race at 10.30. Carl, in his very nice new car arrived and sailed his Samurai and his fast pro boat. Paul having sent an absence note in from his wife was missing from the line up, hope you enjoyed her Birthday weekend away both of you. Vaughan also resting in Norfolk. Terry on the clock, Piers, Phil, Tony and I lined up in anticipation of the count down and Ed ready to do the scoring again. Off we went at a fair pace all round safely for the first lap then some boats seemingly  being drawn together mine ended up side down. The rest of the race proving quite clean apart from Terry trying his hardest t…

Barmouth RNLI Open day, Sunday 30th July.

Following on from my  continued communication with this Lifeboat Station, CMBC were invited to attend their Open Day at the Station.
Unfortunately, there were no takers of the offer from the club, so only Myself and Andy Benfield went over. We were allowed to set our display up at the top end of the ILB garage, but making sure that no walkways or access point were blocked, as yes, the station is still on call for emergencies throughout.
The station was packed with visitors all the day, we barely had time to sneak a drink. Even our club stand proved popular, especially as I finally got round to taking my Scale model of 12-26 Moira Barrie Mersey Lifeboat over for the day. The queue for the visit on board the full size  boat was down the stairs, and indeed they had over 400 people take a tour of the boat, as well as visit the shop next door and of course the ILB in the garage next door along with cake stalls!

Now for the best bit...Ive heard back from the station and after they have cou…