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Sunday sailing 22/1/17

Sunday 22nd Jan After the miserable rain from the previous week well cleared this proved to be another cold but a dry, calm day. A good number took part in sailing many types of craft, Don with fast cat, Phil with his Sea commander running well with bigger batteries, Tony with his home designed tug, Carl running his new pro boat fast elec, Paul running his fast cat, Piers running a very quick Zoom and me with the Lynx all enjoying the flat water. Only waves caused by the Ski club boat sailing on our side of the marker buoys, which our boats took with no problems. Having missed the 500 race the previous week the chaps turned up with their boats for the 1st race 7 in total, the biggest line up for a long while, all seemingly 2016 models. I`m not going to name villains but enough to say there were, as usual, loads of collisions but only 2 boats turning over. The main peril being the number of bird feathers in the water (fowl) fouling the props and reducing the speed significantly. There…

January Club meet 2017.

Quick update 1st meeting of the year was Tuesday 10th Jan. Many thanks to all who attended and paid their subscriptions for the year, a very good and encouraging sign. Special thanks to Stuart for opening the Sailing club and serving drinks at short notice. There was general chit chat, Steve sold some of the Chase water club badges, and stickers. We were due to hold our 1st club 500 race on Sunday 15th but upon waking to a grey, wet and windy morning & after a couple of texts and a persistent drizzle. I decided it was foolish to go. Apology if any hardy member went. Weather permitting we can try again this coming Sunday 10.15 for 10.30 race, bring at least 2 batteries. Please forward any photos of projects or new builds to Steve for showing on blog. Hopefully Steve will crack on and show us his new Lifeboat and its progress. Any new or re joining members are welcome at the pool, good to see you all soon. Pat