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Saturday Sailing 29/9/12.

This afternoons weather could not of been more different to that we had endured yet again this week. Rain cancelled our Tuesday sailing slot, so appologies, no posting from that one.
The sun was out,  admittidly with a few clouds, it was only the air termperature that was deceptive, fooling many people in to thinking it was quite warm out there, it certanly was not once the wind chill found you

Saturday Sailing 22/9/12.

This afternoons weather could not of been better, considering the time of year. the sun was out of hiding and the temperature was reasonable for quite a while, only dipping down to "fleece wearing" temperature towards the end of the afternoon.
There was a good turnout of club members and their boats, we did notice a few others dotted around the pool area , just a pity they were not keen in popping round for a chat, maybe next time, please feel free to come and chat to us about club membership.

The Chasewater Model Boat Club's Annual Bring n Buy sale took place on Sunday 23rd. many thanks to ALL the people who took time out on a Sunday to set up their stalls with model boats and bits for sale and to those who turned up during the afternoon to buy them.

Saturday sailing, 15/9/12.

This afternoons weather certainly helped to draw the club members out, plus a good number of people to watch the club boats on the water too.
There was a nice gently breeze, so a few sail boats were out which are always a nice sight to watch.
Marks fishing boat now sports navigation lights as well as some cabin interior detail too. he hopes to have it complete for the Rugely event in October, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed he manages to do so.

Carl brought along one of his modified Huffy's, as usual, he demonstrated how rock steady these hulls can be as well as being able to handle a brushless motor AND  a fair turn of speed too. I have included a video clip, its well worth watching!