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Ski club work party and Lynx build update [7]

Today we started initial "works" at the Ski Club site, in preparation to being able to sail our model boats from there. The main tasks were to remove the water based plant life, as there branches could prove hazardous to propellers!
We also cleared some of the deadwood from the shoreline to give a better line of sight for sailing too.
The option of a floating jetty will have to be delayed until warmer water temp allows a diver in to the lake to remove the original securing posts, so we can relocate it. In the meantime, a set of steps will be introduced in to the bank to allow water access, for those not steady enough on the ski clubs floating jetty

Here is Part 7 of Mark's Lynx 47 build:-

Its time now to connect the fuel filter to the tygon fuel line and cut back the engine rail on the carb side so the fuel nipple is free to connect the tygon to the fuel tank bag.
then I pushed the water cooled tuned pipe onto the header pipe and fixed it in position with a tuned pipe re…

Saturday Sailing 27/4/13.

This afternoon's weather  proved as much a mixed bag as the boats being sailed!
HAIL............. Rain......  Sunshine.............. and .......WINDY !

Ok, so mix them up in as many different combination s as you can think of, then you might be somewhere close to actual weather conditions for sailing.

Yes, it was a mixed bag of weather but it still did not deter the ever faithful few club members from have a go.
The windy conditions did catch by myself and Carl out a few times, sailing our yachts. On occasion there was more wind than either boat could cope with. But we waited about 10 minutes  the sun came out again and the wind became a little more easier to sail with..
Mark brought along his newly built tunnel hull for testing, things seemed to go fairly ok with a few minor adjustments being made between sailings until  the motor controller gave out.


Saturday sailing is for :  MIXED CLASSES. at the boating pool.

Monday 6th:      Ski & Sailing club open day @ Sk…

Club member boat build part 6.

Heres pt 6 of the boat build from Mark:-
After fixing in the stuffing tube, t-bar support, the radio box was next on the list, I used a 2mm thick carbon fibre plate as the servo tray which was cut to size with a dremmel multi tool.
the radio box is a large double sealed type with 5 rubber boots for the rudder, throttle, receiver aerial x 2 (spectrum mr 3000), and killer rc super bee kill switch. the servo's are mounted with cnc clamp type mounts which are very strong and makes setting up the rudder and throttle a breeze.
the box will be fixed in with polyester fiber glass resin and cf , because the hull is made with the same resin you must always use the same materials for the best bond strength . the fuel bag is secured to the engine rails with cable ties on both sides.

Club member boat build part5.

Here is the latest instalment in this interesting build:-

After marking and then drilling out the holes in the engine rails I made sure everything was lined up like the t- bar support, flexi shaft moves free and slips into the coupling without effort, then tightened up the engine mount bolts.
the rudder bracket fits right next to the strut bracket so it was easy to mark out and drill the holes for the bolts and then mount it and drill out the hole for the control rod, with the rudder bracket in place I was able to locate the places for the through the hull nipples for water cooling tubes which look far better than just pushing the tube through a hole in the transom.

Club member boat build pt4

Here goes with part 4 of Mark's latest boat build:-

After removing the Zenoah eze-start pull start and large aluminium plate ( plate not needed) I fitted the quick release engine mounting brackets and rubber mounts to the engine and then replaced the eze-start pull start and placed it in the hull along with the stuffing tube and T-bar propshaft support.
the engine in the lynx has to be as close as possible to 460mm away from the transom so you need to measure from spark plug to transom.
The T-bar propshaft support is adjustable so the slight angle in the flexi-shaft you can see in the picture can be corrected at final fitting. With everything lined up so the flexi-shaft slides into the coupling on its own I then marked the position of the rubber engine mounts so the quick release mount can be fitted.

Chasewater Transport Show '13.

Today's event would not of happened, if it were not for some stalwart members of our club.
Many sincere thanks go to: Mark, Titus, Alan and Carl [plus myself of course]. Many thanks to Andy for popping over with his camera and taking some pictures, which you will see here.

Its just a real pity some of our other members just can't  come and join us at some of the shows, especially the ones right on your own doorstep !

The weather was windy, but for the majority of the day, was dry, only side stepping to the odd little shower of rain later, but still plenty of sailing time AND a lot of interest in both the model boats but also in the club itself.

An now for some pictures of the clubs boats on the water....