Saturday Sailing 6/4/13.

What a welcome change this afternoon's weather was, remembering how the ground was covered with deep snow only a week ago.
Surprising to note though that there were fewer members at the poolside this week, perhaps a lot of you had caught colds from your extreme braveness last week.

Today's "mixed sailing" brought out a nice variety of boats, albeit leaning towards the faster side, but still nice to see them out on the water. My Sun tug was called in to rescue service a couple of times, but all part of club duty.
The wind across the boating pool was not playing fair today, gusting one minute and hardly a whisper the next, but myself and Pat put in a show for the sail fraternity.

Next Saturday :- Fast electric's

* Special note from our Club Chairman...... The proposed Bring N Buy /Swap Meet set for the first part of this year will  NOT be taking place. Due to the low response from clubs, including the car and aircraft  sectors. this is unfortunate, but without the support of other clubs and their members, "wanting this", it is not feasible to setup at this time.