Sunday dawned a little damp but soon brightened up for all the fun of the fair that is Club 500 Racing. Quite an interesting day as Terry turned up with no boat, Piers reported in late, Phil never got going and neither did Daryl, Andy only managed two heats and I only just scraped into Heat 3 following a spectacular collision that rendered my boat unusable for the rest of the day. Pat's boat developed a mind of its own and decided to come in for its own pit stop. Simon complained of a lack of speed, only to find that he had been racing with half a propeller. Heat 1 was won by me with the rest of the heats being won by Piers whose new boat really does seem to have a good turn of speed. Things are now really hotting up at the top of the leader board as Piers and I seem to be swapping the top spot after each round. The overall championship is between us two now with just 5 points between us as we look forward to the last and decisive round. I have shown the points as per the normal format this month but have also added a sheet showing everyone's scores throughout the year which I hope that you might find useful. Finally as we get to the crucial point of the season I have gone through the points with a fine tooth comb and have noticed two small errors which affected Pat and Daryl, they have now been sorted but if you do spot any errors then do please let me know. Next meeting will be the final round of this year's Club 500 League and will take place on Sunday 13 November. See you there!!!