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Saturday Sailing 25/1/14. Race day !

I have to say that, No racing, fun or otherwise occurred today. Our course markers were well under water and no where to be seen, even from our rescue boat. Admittedly a bit of pre race maintenance would not of gone amiss to get everything ready, or maybe even a work party to sort things out, so  even from my side of things I have to Apologies to those club members who turned up expecting a bit of racing today.

The high winds did not put a couple of club members off, sailing their yachts, but yes it did deter me from setting sail with my Victoria !

As far as I'm aware, February's fun race sail will go ahead on the 4th Saturday of the month, however, a work-party may be called upon before this day to help reorganize the sailing courses and floating harbour.

  The launching jetty is under water currently, as the lake is at its maximum depth. Something we will have to take in to consideration when doing some redesign work, to accommodate for this water height. Fortunately, we ca…

Club flyer 2014


Ed Poxon.

EDWARD ( ED ) POXON I learned today of very sad passing of one of our members Mr Edward ( Ed ) Poxon. Ed passed away on the 2nd November 2013 at St Giles hospice Whittington. Those of us that were fortunate to know him, will recall his great sense of humour and his willingness to help out at the pool. Ed loved his coastguard boat, and as many will recall he was very often the first on the water, ready to rescue any stranded model.

At this time our thoughts go out to Jean and Her family. Remembered with a smile Rest in peace Mark Hough Chairman Chasewater Model Boat Club 

Saturday Sailing 18/1/14.

The sailing report comes from Club Chairman Mark today, along with the pictures.

The water level is now at an all time high, it is now just about 6 inches from the top of the concrete wall, or about 150 mm for those who prefer centimetric euro type things. This means all but the top most step is now submerged. The weather was slightly on the chilly side and there was quite a chop on the water, but it did not prevent our sailing enjoyment.

Indeed when Carl and myself got around to getting our 500s on the water it made for great fun racing, these boats were extremely closely matched and there was absolutely no visual difference in performance, this bodes well for the club and interclub races.

So come on all members with Club 500s lets see them on the water, and lets have some serious fun. You will also see in the pics that we now have a new rescue dinghy.

Thanks go to Mark Thompson for sourcing this boat, he brought it to the pool put it on the water and demonstrated it stability which…

Sailing r/c boats at our Sailing area.

There have been a few incidents lately with people turning up at our Ski Club site sailing area and sailing r/c boats WITHOUT permission.

PLEASE be reminded that this is a PRIVATE sailing area and unless you are either a member of the Ski Club or Chasewater Model Boat Club you are NOT permitted to sail here. Not until you have joined our club.

Feel free to contact our club via email for full details.

Unless you can prove your membership of our club by means of your valid club membership card YOU WILL be asked to leave the site.

MEMO  to our won club members, please make sure you carry your membership card/s with you whilst sailing at Chasewater, you will be approached and requested to identify by a member of the Ski Club and /or an official of Chasewater Model Boat Club.

Harsh words I appreciate, but some unauthorised people leave us no choice................

Niagara Falls freezing over.


Who would ever of thought that the Niagara Falls would ever FREEZE over ?
Yes, its happened, due to the freakish weather pattern over America that has caused havoc, has even drifted over the falls park and turned this popular visitor spot in to a block of ice.

Saturday Sailing 11/1/14.

A nice looking afternoon, with the sunshine, albeit colder in temperature than the sun depicts.

A few of our club members attended at the Ski Club Site this afternoon, unfortunately, I was not present, catching up with home chores that need more pressing attention, so my boats and the picture taking had to be put on hold.

Canal News£300,000 invested in restoration of Staffordshire’s waterways this winterAs part of our annual programme of restoration and repairs to historic waterways across the country, we are undertaking essential maintenance works on Staffordshire’s canal network this winter.Hazelhurst Junction, Caldon Canal This winter we are spending around £45 million on essential repair and restoration works and routine maintenance to our canals and rivers” Richard Parry, chief executuve We will be investing £300,000 in projects to painstakingly repair historic canal walls, locks and bridges as well as installing new lock gates at certain locks. The works will be taking place betwe…

Saturday 4th January 2014.

Apologies but due to the wet weather I was not in attendance today, presume neither were any of our club members either, so no Sailing pics to post.

However, here's a few of a superb new build by one of our club members,

I think you all agree, some fantastic detailing  and a lot of hours spent too! Nice one Andy !