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Event Invite 25/3/18

CMBC have been invited to attend this event. Why not pop along and show your support.

Sunday club 500 racing, 18/2/18.

Sunny morning slight breeze blowing into the bank. Terry and Paul having set out the course with thanks the 1st race took place before the official scorer Ed arrived. Sorry for the lack of comments this week as I tried to keep my boat out of trouble for a change and it paid off but I cant recall who broke down, crashed rolled or whatever. In BAFTA style the nominees were Terry, Paul, Phil, Piers, Vaughan and me. The results were Race 1 Terry, me, Paul, Phil, Vaughan & Piers. Terry looking more competitive this season and Piers less so. Race 2 Piers bounced back, me, Phil, Terry, Paul, Vaughan not starting as a burned out speedo stopped play. Race 3 Piers again, Terry, me, Phil and Paul Race 4 me, Piers Paul, Terry and Phil. There were the usual bad luck stories of boats being rolled over etc. Paul used his new Jaffa coloured boat but suffered bad luck, Piers complaining of bad luck being rolled over, Phil having bad luck mainly turning his boat over by himself, Vaughan having …

New Advertiser for 2018

On behalf of Chasewater Model Boat Club....and of course our wider audience, we would like to welcome "Mikes Models" of Birmingham to our site and club. I do sincerely hope that some of you will visit their store and BUY !

many thanks again Paul.