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club website

I have just checked the stat's counter for our club site and can't believe it. 3,564 hits so far this month alone !!!!

This is fantastic news for me and I do hope that all of you out there across the world are enjoying viewing this site and all the posts and pictures.

It would be nice for some of you wherever you are to send a message and let me know how you think the site should improve and grow even better.

Chasewater Model Boat Club is planning to restart the Tuesday afternoon/evening sailing again, now that the nights are getting lighter, so the Tuesday night pub meets will drop back to once a month, beginning in April. There will be one last "chat night" planned for next Tuesday night, the 3rd.
the usual monthly pub meets on every second Tuesday will remain, as this gives the membership all the update information of whats going on within the club and its members as well as event updates and pool useage news.

saturday Sailing 24/3/12

The weather today was almost perfect, apart from the temperature, it could of been a summers afternoon, Ok, so I'm a day early in commenting on summertime!
There was good good mixed bunch sailing this afternoon again, including another new club member and a visit from some people interested in joining too.
The pool water was in a poor state and a lot of debris had to be removed [sticks, tree branches, plastic bread bags] before it was reasonably safe to let our model boats out, as these items can cause damage to propellers and the bread bags get wrapped around a propeller and leave a model boat stranded out in the middle of the pool, let alone the injuries possible if one of the wild birds decided to chew on them.



I can't see the point in taking the time and effort to drive over to feed the birds, then throw the plastic bag in the pool water and leave the po…

Saturday Sailing 17/3/12.

Firstly, apologies for delay in post update, but I was waiting for the results of the first round of the Huffy racing, but as not message has been received,I will update for the sailing and await the results and comment to arrive.
Saturday morning's weather was very nice and sunny, Saturday afternoons weather went a little dark and overcast, but reasonable dry. er just up until it was almost time to leave, then the heavens opened. ah well, can't have it all ways.
There was a good mixed batch of boats this afternoon, including a fully scratch built sailing boat which ventured out on its first trials.
The lifeboats [as always] drew a lot of interest with both Tite's Rother Class and my own [partly built] Mersey Class taking to the water in convoy!
Mark our club Chairman had organised the first rounds of the HUFFY racing challenge to take place this afternoon, having both a race for the standard and modified classes.

Today also saw the first of the "split sailing sessio…