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CBMC v Aldridge MBC Club 500 racing. 23/7/17

* Thanks to our super Ace Photographer on the scene...Don !
A short note for those who attended the recent interclub 500 racing. the details of the two alternative boats that Aldridge MBc use are:

Tiger shark from Howes Models.  or qijun 1812 from both about £37 ,the gearbest one is same but charges from USB and has a internal plate to stop leaks .

* further details have been sent out in email to all club members *

Interclub 500 race 23/7/17.

Sunday 23 July, weather grey and raining. Saw the 1st leg of an interclub 500 race against our newly formed local club Aldridge mbc. Tony, Terry and myself arrived at the Chase water leg and it had stopped raining at 9 am so we took Tigger into the water. We found a weed free stretch and Terry laid the course approx 35 metres long  with the wind blowing back to shore thus minimising the use of a recovery boat. Our visitors arrived around 9.45 as promised, were welcomed and thanked for making the journey. Brian Morris,Tony Butler, Rod Upton, Sid Sims and Les Prew  were issued white markers to attach to their hulls for identification when racing. They were all in good spirit and humour and set about preparing their boats, our guys were arriving by then, Phil, Piers, Vaughan and Mark and we attached black markers to our hulls. The markers complete with Velcro were supplied by Mark, thank you. Ed, after a lie in, was ready to do the scoring as he does regularly for our races and Don was …