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Sunset Sail, 9/10/18

Prior to our clubs AGM , a Sunset Sail meeting was arranged for any boat with lights.  Many thanks to club member Vaughan for providing the photo's.

Sunday club 500 race report, 30/9/18.

Quick report of last Sundays club 500 deferred race. Weather was warm with some Sun breaking through the cloud the water slightly choppy as wind increased. Terry set the course out, Ed took up the role of official and scorer 1st race 10.30 when the locals had arrived. 1st race with me being the only boat left running we stopped the race early. 2nd race Phil 1st, Terry 2nd,me 3rd, Simon 4th, Piers 5th 3rd race Terry 1st, Piers 2nd, Simon 3rd me 4th, Phil 5th 4th race Terry 1st, Me 2nd, Simon3rd,Phil 4th, Piers 5th 5th race Terry 1st, Me 2nd,Simon 3rd,Phil 4th, Piers 5th Terry bringing his old boat out of retirement and doing very well, need to look closer at his new  Nano Lipo`s. The usual bragging and hard luck stories were listened to as is the norm. It was good fun as always, I got the course collected then Sam arrived with his 500 for testing and joined Tony sailing his Tug. Tony has expressed a wish to buy our spare 500 to join the fun. Don`t forget AGM meeting and pre sail with …

Mersey class lifeboat recovery [partial]

Visited Barmouth this morning as was fortunate enough to witness the recovery of their relief boat 12-21. Weather was quite windy and the water fairly choppy too, so the wind and swell made things a little interesting for the boat, just as they nosed the bow on the shore, the swell started to take the stern round before they could attach the drag line, fortunately the shore crew were on their toes and recovered quickly safely to the beach.

Sorry for the grainyness of the images, but was sitting in shelter from the breeze about 400yds away on the promenade !