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Warley Model railway show 2013.

You did read the title correctly. It's a show I like to go and have a look round.  its not so much the model trains but the design and detail that goes in to some of the train layouts that's often fascinating to view.
It was novel to see that a lot of layouts this year had water/boats involved too, so that's the reason for adding these pictures to our site, even model rail guys like boats too !

Saturday Sailing, 23/11/13.

"It was dry", could be about the best you could say about today's weather. Ok so where we sail at Chasewater it is sheltered from most breezes so we have to say thanks for that too!

It could of also of been far worse, considering how damp and misty the day started off.
There was a few club members sailing their boats at the lake. I had missed Carl's new cat hull on the water and was on charge when I arrived with the Club 500 boat kits for our clubs venture in to "Club 500 Racing" in 2014.
We will be holding our own club racing calendar as well as invites between Rugeley and Sandwell too, with all three clubs visiting each others sites purely for a fun race or two during the day.

Saturday sailing 16/11/13.

Firstly appologies for my absence, but I am on nursing duties at home as a family members has only just returned home after a 3 month epic journey in hospital. Fortunately things are well on the mend now, but have to ensure they are well fed and watered for a while as they step back in to home life again. My thanks again to our club chairman Mark, for stepping in and snapping a few pictures for the website. Mark has also provided a short commentary of the action, so should explain some of the pictures too! It was a little on the chilly side yesterday but we still had a reasonable turnout. As you will see Carl took along his new toy its a 36 inch Cat and as you would expect from Carl it is pretty damn quick. Pat joined us later with his Pursuit and a race against Carl and his pursuit. If you look closely at Carl in the dinghy you may be excused in thinking we now have a steam powered rescue boat, but no during the race Pat decided it was getting to cold and so he decided to destroy h…