Saturday Sailing, 23/11/13.

"It was dry", could be about the best you could say about today's weather. Ok so where we sail at Chasewater it is sheltered from most breezes so we have to say thanks for that too!

It could of also of been far worse, considering how damp and misty the day started off.
There was a few club members sailing their boats at the lake. I had missed Carl's new cat hull on the water and was on charge when I arrived with the Club 500 boat kits for our clubs venture in to "Club 500 Racing" in 2014.
We will be holding our own club racing calendar as well as invites between Rugeley and Sandwell too, with all three clubs visiting each others sites purely for a fun race or two during the day.

The latest Club 500 boat kits- pre ordered by club members were handed out today.

HHmm, what do we have here? Someone hungry during the night or an act of vandalism on our floating harbour??

Tug - on a mission.

A fair amount of clear air under the hull !