Saturday sailing 16/11/13.

 Firstly appologies for my absence, but I am on nursing duties at home as a family members has only just returned home after a 3 month epic journey in hospital. Fortunately things are well on the mend now, but have to ensure they are well fed and watered for a while as they step back in to home life again.
My thanks again to our club chairman Mark, for stepping in and snapping a few pictures for the website. Mark has also provided a short commentary of the action, so should explain some of the pictures too!
It was a little on the chilly side yesterday but we still had a reasonable turnout.
As you will see Carl took along his new toy its a 36 inch Cat and as you would expect from Carl it is pretty damn quick.
Pat joined us later with his Pursuit and a race against Carl and his pursuit.
If you look closely at Carl in the dinghy you may be excused in thinking we now have a steam powered rescue boat, but no during the race Pat decided it was getting to cold and so he decided to destroy his LiPOS to give us a little warmth as he is demonstrating in the pics.
Around 4pm the light was fading very quickly and so we were forced to go into the club house for a pint.
A late pic from the Rugeley sunset sail! my Mersey lifeboat "making waves".

Perhaps we ought to paint the boat red and add an extinguisher and call it a fireboat!


Better than thermal gloves