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Chasewater Lake update 29//412.

The repair to the main lake dam and other refurbishment works have now been fully completed and the engineers have left site. The lake will now be left to its own devices to fill back up naturally. NO, the lake cannot be replenished from the canal network it serves to "top up" when they need water, as this would put undue demand on the canal network water levels. So, nature will have to take its course. Praying for rain is one thing, but so long as it does not rain on our clubs pool sailing days, then its OK by us !

The model boating site  has kindly made available a pdf image to allow people with "smart phones" to be able to link them easily with the websites. so its as quick as scanning a "barcode".  1/ set your phone to bar code scanner [ or neo scan] 2/ hold phone over a single image untill your phone automatically accepts the image 3/ your phone will now connect automatically with the website you have scanned. 4/ simply "…

Saturday sailing 28/04/12.

This afternoons sailing was a little choppy to say the least and it did catch even the more experienced "pilots" out at some time or another.  Pat's boat seemed more at home hull side up, perhaps this might be the start of a new craze ! I have uploaded 3 video clips, one of which is on this page, the other 2 are on earlier posts, due to being uplinked from U tube, I am unable to slot directly to the one page post, but at least they are live on the blog.

Mark must of taken a bravery pill before leaving home and certainly put his zoom brushless boat through its paces although came close to certain disaster a few times.  Mark was "seen" to take a deep intake of breath as his boat "recovered" and sailed on.





Saturday sailing 21/4/12.

The weather reports certainly did their work yet again,  oh and also a bit of rain too, in the form of showers, interspersed with sunny periods, Yep that should do it !
Unfortunately, this led to very few club members ta the poolside yet again but down to the weather.
I was under the belief that this should of been the second huffy race afternoon, but nothing occurred, but on saying this I neither had conformation or denial that it was on or off! I thought these races were to take place every 2 weeks, but we seem to be loosing something somewhere.
 My thanks go to the brave but few who attended and sailed their boats and thanks go to Mark for borrowing my camera to take the following pictures. A sterling effort and some superb shots in my opinion, especially his choice to get down  to the action and get a bit to close to the paved area!

I have had to remove/delete  more of the older picture images, simply due to our blogger limit on the Picasa web album site. My appologies for this, …

Chasewater Transport Show2012

Unfortunately, due to our club chairman forgetting to take his camera along, I do not have any pictures of all the boats that were there, so please forgive the lack of pictures for this update

.I do however have a few images taken by one of the club members of their newest and latest build, a "Sir Kay Minesweeper. This has only recently been finished and looks "brand new", perhaps a little bit of "sea salt" may show some ageing effects soon.

The images below have been found on another website and are of the transport Show itself, but worthy on inclusion too.

The Chasewater Transport Show – 2012by chasewater stuff
This year's Show seemed busier than ever, well done to the organisers, the weather fine but not as warm as usual. It was nice to see alot of the regular exhibits again, along with some not seen at Chasewater before. The reservoir stil has a long way to go to fill up! There was lots for the visitors to do -