Chasewater Transport Show2012

Unfortunately, due to our club chairman forgetting to take his camera along, I do not have any pictures of all the boats that were there, so please forgive the lack of pictures for this update

.I do however have a few images taken by one of the club members of their newest and latest build, a "Sir Kay Minesweeper. This has only recently been finished and looks "brand new", perhaps a little bit of "sea salt" may show some ageing effects soon.

The images below have been found on another website and are of the transport Show itself, but worthy on inclusion too.

The Chasewater Transport Show – 2012

by chasewater stuff

This year's Show seemed busier than ever, well done to the organisers, the weather fine but not as warm as usual.
It was nice to see alot of the regular exhibits again, along with some not seen at Chasewater before.
The reservoir stil has a long way to go to fill up!
There was lots for the visitors to do -
When they had een round the show, a lot of the visitors walked a little farther into the park and called in the Chasewater Railway, first to the Narrow Gauge,
Then the Museum and Heritage Centre and across to the platform, where 2 small traction engines were attracting a lot of attention.
A few days before the show, the Railway had three Hunslet locos in the yard - a good old steamie and two diesels, one of which is now at a steel works in South Wales
On Platform 1, the Tri-Rail Shop is now selling G Scale models for anyone who wants Thomas and Friends running round the garden - call in and have a look!
Also on Platform 1, the ever-improving model railway was in full flow - as it is each Sunday.
The Museum was very popular - showing the latest exhibits!!