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Sunday Sailing report 13/5/18

Hi Folks,

Just a short note from Pat regarding Sunday's Sail and club 500 racing.

Steve thanks again for doing the hard work in sorting the clothing and posting the pictures. Thanks for publicizing the possible closure soon of the Club 500 boats, so get them while you can . Please note there is a full size Dinghy race at the sailing club on Sunday 20th at 12.30 so we may be sailing in the lagoon. Results of last Sundays 500 race are as follows its a short report as there were not many racing. RACE 1 Terry 1st, Phil 2nd both Piers and my boat being turned over and did not finish. RACE 2 Phil 1st, Piers 2nd ,me 3rd and Terry did not finish, so sad! RACE 3 Piers 1st ,me 2nd, Terry and Phil did not finish, very sad!! RACE 4  Me 1st, Piers 2nd, Phil 3rd and Terry did not start as he fried his speedo in the previous race. Though few in number the quality shone through and another enjoyable morning was had and each of us winning a race was fair. Thanks to Terry for timing and setting th…

Sunday sailing 13/5/18.

The weather this morning could not of been any better, the water had small waves, but nothing to deter the determined club 500's! I popped over with some of the new club merchandise to hand out, plus brought my camera along too, so heres a few to make up for the dry weeks ! Videos at bottom of page too!