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Happy New Year 2013.

Well, yet again, heavy rain prevented our club from sailing on Saturday. We have been very fortunate during the year to be able to sail as much as we did, with few interruptions due to rain, whereas a lot of other model boat clubs have had to cancel a lot more club meetings.

2013 sees a change to our clubs Saturday sailing sessions, this came about from our clubs AGM where it was suggested that being as a lot of members now have many different types of boats that our sailing sessions be "themed" to accommodate this. So rather than everyone turn up with several different boats, each Saturday sailing will be aimed towards this.
So sessions will include a "mixed sailing" for all types of boat. a fast electric sailing session to include some times runs around a set course, a sail n scale session where all sail craft can sail at ease amongst the more sedate scale model boats.
All our current club members have already received issue of the 2013 club calendar so they kno…


Firstly, due to the rain showers that drenched our Saturday sailing last weekend, there are no pictures or details, as no one actually went to our pool and sailed.

So all that is left for me to do, on behalf of myself [club secretary] is to wish all our club members AND of course, ALL our website viewers all around the World

Have a nice time, hope you get all the presents you want and don't forget to leave a mince pie and a glass out for Santa ! Its thirsty work delivering all those presents.

Saturday Sailing 15/12/12.

Apologies for the delay in this post, but I was not available at this club meeting, preparations for the Christmas holiday  led me to miss this one out. many thanks to Mark again for forwarding these pictures and video clips.
I dont have any notes as to who was in attendance, so we will have to let the pictures tell all.

 Carl's new boat, now powering along on 3 cell power!

The "black Widow" I believe, maybe more pics to come soon !

And finally, I believe this clip was taken at Colwyn Bays Model Boat Clubs pool, one of their i/c powered hydro's putting n a show.

Saturday Sailing 8/12/12.

This afternoons sailing was met with some sunshine, although the air temperature was only a few degrees above freezing plenty of club members turned out with their boats. Carl was definitely "there", too eager to try out his latest boat. C/O Prestwich model shop!
  The water was a little choppy but Carl's new hull made a clean line through the wave tops and certainly could be listed as  "stable" in the water.

As always, its really great to see sail boats on the water. Hopefully, Tony wont have to wait too long before his Victoria Yacht has a cousin to sail with, as I myself am currently building one an Mark is building a Wee Nip" too. I am just waiting for delivery of some Longbow accessories from Canada to arrive so I can progress beyond a bare hull !

In the meantime, I am continuing on with my R/C conversion on a 1/35th Scale Schnellboot after finally receiving the correct parts from a model shop in the "south east" of the UK. Finally after se…