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April update.

Hi guys thanks for your support at last Tuesdays club meeting, I had hoped a few more of you might have been interested in buying some club clothing but nice to see so many of you . We had a good turnout by our standards last Sunday 15th for our official Club 500 races. There was some good close racing with lots of fun being had by all taking part, thanks for those who opened up the gates and who put the course out and of course to Ed for doing a great job as scorer. THE RESULTS WENT AS BELOW 1st race  2nd race 3rd race 4th race Paul       Piers      Paul       Paul Terry     Paul       Piers      Terry Piers      Phil        Phil        Piers Phil        Pat         Pat         Phil Pat        Terry      Terry     Pat Thanks to Paul for giving up his sailing race, Terry for finishing with 1 bladed prop and I lost both blades from mine. All in all a good mornings fun. Glyn tried his 500 but did not race and also sailed his Sea queen which needs more power, Tony sailed his Tug and Do…