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Saturday sailing videos.

A couple of short video clips from Saturdays sailing.
I will shortly be deleting the build thread of Marks Fletcher Class Destroyer, as unfortunately, the boat suffered extensive damaged whilst under construction.  It got knocked off the top of the book case wth a well aimed duster!  So if anyone wishes to download the picture images, please do so before they are removed completely.

Saturday Sailing 22/10/11.

This afternoons sailing saw yet another 2  Huffy's take to the pool, so numbers are really taking shape. "Hopefully" Mark will start taking the Huffy racing by the horns and get ome practise is setting up the course, timing and lap scoring OR  build a huffy that lasts more than one session at the pool ! [Ha ha]. perhaps a bit more water protection is needed on the electronics inside, as he loves to play to an audience and demonstrate its "self righting" abilities.
Maurice turned up with his newly build SAR Lifeboat, Nice one Maurice and well done to Phil for assisting in the build too.
I took along my Dusseldorf Fireboat and as usual turned out to be a crowd puller once the fire monitors are switched on. Unfortunately, due to the lowering water level, I did suffer from the rudders hitting the pool floor at some points. Hopefully we may get some decent rainfall and add desperately needed water to it.
Carl also suffered  from an incident after one of his brushles…

Club members "winter project".

One of our club members has kindly sent in some pictures of his own "winter project" for you to look at and he will also send more photo's in as his build continues.
Heres a bit of info about the boat too:
Its a 25 inch long by 7 inch wide stepped hull mono class 1 racer, which also self rights.
the powerplant is a 2075kv brushless motor with built in watercooling jacket and recomended 90amp watercooled esc.
5mm motor output shaft x 4mm flexi-shaft coupling through 4mm flexi-shaft, special stinger drive with no flexi-shaft loss through loose coupling.
the watercooled motormount has been fibreglassed in with kevlar strands through the holes in the bottom of the mount then carbon fibre over the top of the kevlar strands to make it super strong,

In the meantime, my Lifeboat continues to "grow" I have done some more wok on the cabin as well as some "reworking" on the hull, adding the step rails and mountings for the stern trim tabs and rudder tube extension…

Club news update.

Mark Hough, Club Chairman has been "treading water" a little in his endeavours to try and secure  some alternative "water" for our club members to be able to use, firstly due to the low level of our current pool, means no deep keep boats can sail and also due to the higher concentration of the lower level, some water cooling intakes are blocking with floating debris.
Chasewater Model Boat Club have been granted permission to sail at the South Staff's Sailing Club's water, near to the M6 traffic island on the A5.
This is a temporary approval, untill end of 2011, to check that our boats and members  are compatable with use of the full size boats also using the same water.
Sail boats are more than welcome to go along! Electric & steam are also granted permission but at present we have to say NO to I/C AND Brushless powered craft.
We also have to make you all fully aware that this is a "deep water" lake, so there is no paddling in with waders to r…

Saturday Sailing 15/10/11.

Apologies for the delay, but  firstly had a glitch with my Pc then, had to upgrade a web browser to be able to get access to this site to update the webpage!

So, Saturdays sailing seemed to be more of a HUFFY afternoon than anything else. A lot of the club members are getting the bug now, so the racing side should be well sorted for 2012 season. All  we need now is for Mark to actually set up a few "mock" races, just to get the hand of  the organising side of things, so once the racing starts, all will flow smoothly.


* Mark Hough [Chairman] Is currently in communication with a few local "owners" of water space, to see if we can secure some "deeper" water than we currently have so all of you with deep keel sail boats  and powered boats with deeper draft can still be able to get some sailing time in too, but more on this subject "as and when" we have some positive and …

Join The Chasewater Park rangers on a FREE walk !

Gather free seed on autumnal walkChasewater's rangers are inviting young people and their families to join them on their free seed gathering and autumnal walk on Sunday, October 23rd, from 11.00am to 2.00pm. On the walk, the rangers will help families to identify and collect seeds from the park. The seeds will then be used in an art workshop to create collages. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The walk starts at Chasewater Country Park's Innovation Centre at 11.00am. For more information, or to book a place, call 01543 370607 or email

Film showing Chasewater Dam inlet inspection on 12 August 2011

This video clip was taken recently so the workmen could inspect and check both the internal structure of the brickwork, but also the control gear for the water level controls. As you can see, one of the Control drives for lifting/lowering the gate has broken and needs replacing.

Club Pub Meet 11/10/11

Tonights pub meeting had a good turnout of club members, so we were able to fully discuss several "new" things for the  club as well as make the "winter change" to the Tuesday sailing's.
1/ Tuesday afternoon sailings will still go ahead, for those lucky enough to be available to sail after 1.30pm of an afternoon.
for those unable to do so, a second "pub meet" will recommence again during the "dark nights", so pub meets will be the 2nd AND 4th tuesday's of every month.
Official club business will only be discussed at the first meeting of every month [as normal practise].
2/ Telford Model Boat Club have rearanged their BPMRS event for the 30th October, if anyone is interested, it will be held at their usual water at Priorslee, Telford.
3/ Mark hough has recently purchased a  secondhand brushless motor [skinflint as he is !], from Black Country Models [Wolverhampton] . Apparently, although they do not sel any boat kit, they do sel secondha…

Sailing Video clips .

Heres a few video clips from the recent weeks sailing at the club pool site.

Demonstration of the self righting feature of the HUFFY.

Member boat update.

Mark B has kindly sent me an update to show the upgrade to his i/c Apache boat is now complete. he has completed the addition of the Carbon Fibre "skin" he wanted to fit, so it now has a full outer carbon skin as well as the interior engine bay area has a supplementary layer. Mark has also imported a special water cooled exhaust silencer for the engine too. All we need now is a nice expanse of water somewhere to test it !

Tuesday Sailing 4/10/11.

A few of our club members sailed during the afternoion today, unfortunately no camera was taken along, so i have no pictures to post today. But it was reported that almost all of teh boast sailed today suffered one failure after another and then for 2reasons unknown2 as yet, they majority of the boats suffered radio interference. now considering they were all sailing with 2.4ghz, its a little concerning that anything could actually "broadband" the finite frequencies use within the radio control frequencies and the technology of 2.4ghz linking with the recievers...............

Maybe more to follow if someone can find out the actual truth here........

In the meantime, whilst I had some more time on my hands, I have done some more work on my Lifeboat hull. the lower hull has now finished with the grey primer stage finally and I have applied its first coat of white top coat, to check for final blemishes, before sanding for a second and a third final coat.