Saturday Sailing 22/10/11.

This afternoons sailing saw yet another 2  Huffy's take to the pool, so numbers are really taking shape. "Hopefully" Mark will start taking the Huffy racing by the horns and get ome practise is setting up the course, timing and lap scoring OR  build a huffy that lasts more than one session at the pool ! [Ha ha]. perhaps a bit more water protection is needed on the electronics inside, as he loves to play to an audience and demonstrate its "self righting" abilities.
Maurice turned up with his newly build SAR Lifeboat, Nice one Maurice and well done to Phil for assisting in the build too.
I took along my Dusseldorf Fireboat and as usual turned out to be a crowd puller once the fire monitors are switched on. Unfortunately, due to the lowering water level, I did suffer from the rudders hitting the pool floor at some points. Hopefully we may get some decent rainfall and add desperately needed water to it.
Carl also suffered  from an incident after one of his brushless boats skipped over the tip of a wash wave and glanced the pool wall, so by early afternoon we had 3 boats dry docked.

* Reminder for Club members: There is a Second Pub Night, this coming Tuesday, basically due to the darker nights, evening sailing is not really possible due to low light levels.*

Clubs Christmas Meal.
A reminder that provisional booking will be CLOSED at the next monthly Pub night in November. This is purely so we can confirm seat number bookings with the Turf Lodge carvery, oherwise we may not be able to guarantee sufficient seats available before Christmas.
So please contact me asap to confirm your seat bookings and kindly be reminded that all Deposits
[£7 per head ]  WILL be required by November pub meet at the latest, otherwise your seat conformation will NOT be placed.