Club news update.

Mark Hough, Club Chairman has been "treading water" a little in his endeavours to try and secure  some alternative "water" for our club members to be able to use, firstly due to the low level of our current pool, means no deep keep boats can sail and also due to the higher concentration of the lower level, some water cooling intakes are blocking with floating debris.
Chasewater Model Boat Club have been granted permission to sail at the South Staff's Sailing Club's water, near to the M6 traffic island on the A5.
This is a temporary approval, untill end of 2011, to check that our boats and members  are compatable with use of the full size boats also using the same water.
Sail boats are more than welcome to go along! Electric & steam are also granted permission but at present we have to say NO to I/C AND Brushless powered craft.
We also have to make you all fully aware that this is a "deep water" lake, so there is no paddling in with waders to retrieve your boat here, you will either have to ensure you have a second boat with you [if sailing alone] or hope another club member can rescue your craft for you as we do not own a rescue boat for persons to row out in, as up till now, this was not an issue.
Rest assured, we still have an "ongoing" permission that once the chasewater lake refills and the sailing club there, is restarted, we can use an area of water over the other side too, which will have use of a rescue boat by kind offer of Mark thompson [CMBC member].

Due to the darker nights now, I have to presume that no one sailed on Tuesday afternoon as I have not recieved any message or pictures.
In the meantime I am continuing with my lifeboat build and heres a few pictures of the build so far.