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Tamar build update 28/3/15.

I have managed to shape and install the twin cooling water pipes, which "hopefully" will return the motor cooling water back to the outside, once it has cooled off the motor esc's. So these pipes now connect with the original engine  exhaust outlets, and run forward to the electrical panel, where they will connect with the outlet pipes here.

Tamar build update 25/3/15.

Well, heres a turn up for the books, two updates in one week. I decided to have a go at some of the stern end bits and pieces, as a lot of kit has to go in before I can even think about joining the deck to the hull and finally trimming the upper cabin to the deck profile.
So, I went for the twin exhausts, then found I'd overlooked the stern tow eye, for slipway retrieval [oops!]. So after much jiggery pokery I managed to insert 6 x 1mm headed brass bolts and nuts to hold it securely to the stern.

So now on to the exhausts, I need to find an exit point for the motor and esc cooling water so am going to try and do this, via the actual exhausts on the boat. So I drilled out a centre hole, sufficient to take a small piece of brass tube, then drilled two smaller holes and tapped them to take some stainless steel allen bolts. The brass tubes are held in with epoxy and the bolts inserted from inside, with the unwanted thread cut off after the glue had set fully.

Oh and as a finished tou…

Tamar build update 24/3/15.

I have finally got to make the rudder linkage, which now means I can crack on with all the stern end gear, this is where a lot of kit has to be fitted in sequence, as once the Y boat floor is in, access is limited to "servicing/adjustment only". The stern door is provisionally fitted on its hinges, albeit the hinges need further work. The y boat floor is also formed, just needs the access plates cutting out.

Tamar build update 21/3/15.

having managed to cut my lawns so easily and quicker than expected today, I managed to squeeze an hour in on the boat build. I have fabricated the mounts for the rudder servo, bonded in some brackets to support the electrical panel and finished off the engine sound speaker panel mounts.

Tamar build update 20/3/15.

Sorry no update for a while, but other household chores to clear out the way first.
I have got round to installing the bilge keels,  after cutting two slots each for the pegs to fit through the hull, thus allowing them to be drilled and installing some brass pins, which once filled with resin, make for a better bond. I also did the same trick for the main keel extension, The kit shows this made from a spaceframe build. I strayed from the kit and made mine from a laminate of styrene sheet, but with the inner two sheets having the "location peg" to allow internal fixing inside the hull too.

The next job was to start the shaping of the bow thruster cowling, this being purely filler, so start lightly and add as it dries, this is after second application, but with no sanding as yet.
So yet again, whilst other items are drying, Ive started on the inner hull front bulkhead, you will see from the latter pictures, exactly what the purpose of this is for, yep, im fitting a ghetto bla…

Sunday Sailing 15/3/15.

Todays sailing report.
Roger, Carl and myself arrived early at the pool to retrieve the clubs Buoys and the dinghy from the ski club. While Carl and myself  prepared Tigger for the crossing of chasewater, Roger put on his rubber suit ( say no more} although we did think it slightly odd when he started to use talcum powder, each to his own I suppose. And so with calm water conditions and last rites read off he set. We set off in the car to meet him at the opposite side of the pool, and were surprised to find he had beaten us there, and had already started to retrieve the buoys. It is worth noting at this point the water conditions at the ski club were much much worse than the sailing club, with quite a chop sailing would have been very difficult. With the buoys removed and the old dinghy attached to Tigger, Roger set of on the return trip. Sailing into the wind we beat him back to the ski club, but he did make it back safely. On behalf of us all I would like to say a great big thanks …

Boat Build update: Tamar 13/3/15.

Whilst I am waiting for some internal hull bonding to full cure, I have started on the interior. the kit does supply some vac moulded seats and some plastic tubing to form the basic seat frames,plus a base vac moulding of the main dashboard but thats as far as the kit goes The rest as they say "is up to you"!
So starting with the seats, a quick reference to the RNLI plans show that the seat bases are oversize and need cutting back, as the base is a tall as the seat backs, hardly comfortable to sit in. So cut the seats and reprofile the seat sides before proceeding.
Who said that anything was easy ??