Sunday Sailing Report 8/3/15.

Despite the drizzle there was a good turnout of members at the pool this morning.
When I arrived Roger was already on the water with his comtesse.
I took my coast guard to try it out on the water and to say that I am pleased with it is an understatement, unfortunately I didn't manage to get some pictures of it.
I am also pleased to say the refurb to my 1metre also did the job, and came of the water bone dry inside.
Yachts were the most abundant boat today, and it was good to see the dragon force RG65 boats mixing it with 1metres.
There was also a good mixture of smaller boats that took to the wet stuff, making the most of things before the drizzle turned to rain.
Lets hope for more clement weather soon.
Enjoy the pictures .
Mark Hough