Sunday Sailing 15/3/15.

Todays sailing report.

Roger, Carl and myself arrived early at the pool to retrieve the clubs Buoys and the dinghy from the ski club.
While Carl and myself  prepared Tigger for the crossing of chasewater, Roger put on his rubber suit ( say no more} although we did think it slightly odd when he started to use talcum powder, each to his own I suppose.
And so with calm water conditions and last rites read off he set.
We set off in the car to meet him at the opposite side of the pool, and were surprised to find he had beaten us there, and had already started to retrieve the buoys.
It is worth noting at this point the water conditions at the ski club were much much worse than the sailing club, with quite a chop sailing would have been very difficult.
With the buoys removed and the old dinghy attached to Tigger, Roger set of on the return trip.
Sailing into the wind we beat him back to the ski club, but he did make it back safely.
On behalf of us all I would like to say a great big thanks to Roger for his work today.
I am pleased to say we now have courses set out for yachts, fast electrics and club 500s.
It being Mothering Sunday meant there fewer than usual members, however there was a reasonable turnout making the most of the really good conditions.
Carl sailed his yacht and fast electrics, Phil, Vaughan and Roger tried out the 500 course Richard tested the pulling power of his Ayton cross tug John sailed his motor yacht and Carl Downes impressed us with the performance of his Slec Samurai boat, I would have sailed my dragon force, if I had remembered to pick up the battery pack, it happens to the best of us.
Don't forget next Sunday 22nd March is racing Sunday, so sort out your Yachts, fast electrics and club 500s and lets have some fun.
I hope to see you there.
Enjoy the photos.
Mark Hough