Boat build updates 3/3/15.

Well, Mark has certainly  blitzed on with this build and even in his own words, "hopefully on the water this weekend"! he just has a few minor fittings to attach and minor paint touches to complete.

Whilst in a dry dock, not a million miles away, my own Tamar Build [alias the money pit] is still continuing at a slower pace. I am starting to add in the deck support strips along the insides of the hull, "attach 2mm below the hull top edge all the way round" the instructions say, Little do they realise that the thickness of the deck varies more than 4mm! so in places its below deck edge level, whereas in others it sits high over the hull sides, so now to remove sections of the deck support and adjust the height.

Rear deck cut out fully for Y boat

The "vac formed" Y boat, needs a lot more TLC with the filler yet to blend the joins of the two halves .

Heres a good one! The Y boat is over size/scale, ever so slightly, so if you cut the deck openings to scale off the RNLI Drawings, the boat dont fit ! the boat is too long and due to its shape you cant shorten the Y Boat, so have to extend the width of the compartment. So much for this being a "kit build"