Saturday Sailing 7/4/12.

Well, "typical bank holiday weather" ! Its no wonder the Chasewater Car park was almost deserted, the fun fair that had setup, ready for the bank holiday "rush" was laying dormant with all their covers till on all the rides.
STILL, we can always rely upon some  stalwart club members wanting to run their boats!
The weather in the morning was interlaced with light rain showers, but the afternoon kept dry, but overcast and a little breezy, good sailing weather, but not a sail in sight.
 I had taken my Robbe Sea jet alone for some more testing, but the recent motor change had left the grub screw in the motor drive gear lacking something to grip on, So it did little running and more time on the bank today. I have left the drive gear with a fellow club member who will hopefuly be able to machine the gear down a little, to let it bite a bit better on the motor shaft [fingers crossed].
  The afternoon's sailing did also  cause a few more boats to hiccup and stop unfortunately, a mixture of loosing radio signal and sheer bad luck in some cases put several boats out of action, so I was not alone.
Mark brought along the latest mould of his HUFFY boat, this now being vac formed in 2mm plasticard to make the hull a bit stronger and less fragile along the sides. it seemed to handle same as normal, so presume Mark will now go back in to production again and get a few reserves in stock.

and who crossed the red light?

the NEW Huffy chassis

Carl's Brushless huffy, performing at its usual  blistering speed.

Don't forget, Committee pub meet, this Tuesday 10th April.  Our club is also attending the invite to Rugeley Power Station Boat Club on Wednesday afternoon AND its the Chasewater Transport Festival on Sunday 15th April, ALL club members are cordially invited to come along and join us on the club stand Or at the least, pop over for a while and give your support!