Saturday Sailing 17/3/12.

Firstly, apologies for delay in post update, but I was waiting for the results of the first round of the Huffy racing, but as not message has been received,I will update for the sailing and await the results and comment to arrive.
Saturday morning's weather was very nice and sunny, Saturday afternoons weather went a little dark and overcast, but reasonable dry. er just up until it was almost time to leave, then the heavens opened. ah well, can't have it all ways.
There was a good mixed batch of boats this afternoon, including a fully scratch built sailing boat which ventured out on its first trials.
The lifeboats [as always] drew a lot of interest with both Tite's Rother Class and my own [partly built] Mersey Class taking to the water in convoy!
Mark our club Chairman had organised the first rounds of the HUFFY racing challenge to take place this afternoon, having both a race for the standard and modified classes.

Today also saw the first of the "split sailing sessions" the club have now adopted to reduce the risk of collision between scale and fast boats. Scale [and sail] now have 3/4 hr sailing and the fast electrics/speed freaks then having a 1/4 hr slot, their time being shorty due to the reduced time it takes for their batteries to become fully drained.
I would also like to thank  Wayne for taking some photographs and kindly forwarding them to me, so we have both a selection of mine and Waynes pics for you.
thanks again Wayne!


Mark, the organiser of the HUFFY Racing Challenge has spoken to the club members that ran in the first races and they have all agreed to treat the first race session as a "test race" and no points have been awarded because of this, to make it as fair as possible due to a few technical difficulties with course direction and layout. Hopefully all will be sorted for round 2 in a couple of weeks time.