Saturday Sailing 25/1/14. Race day !

I have to say that, No racing, fun or otherwise occurred today. Our course markers were well under water and no where to be seen, even from our rescue boat. Admittedly a bit of pre race maintenance would not of gone amiss to get everything ready, or maybe even a work party to sort things out, so  even from my side of things I have to Apologies to those club members who turned up expecting a bit of racing today.

The high winds did not put a couple of club members off, sailing their yachts, but yes it did deter me from setting sail with my Victoria !

As far as I'm aware, February's fun race sail will go ahead on the 4th Saturday of the month, however, a work-party may be called upon before this day to help reorganize the sailing courses and floating harbour.
The new [er] launch jetty, under water

Our original launching jetty, Still useable!
  The launching jetty is under water currently, as the lake is at its maximum depth. Something we will have to take in to consideration when doing some redesign work, to accommodate for this water height. Fortunately, we can still use our original version by the gas tank to launch from.