Saturday Sailing 18/1/14.

The sailing report comes from Club Chairman Mark today, along with the pictures.

The water level is now at an all time high, it is now just about 6 inches from the top of the concrete wall, or about 150 mm for those who prefer centimetric euro type things.
This means all but the top most step is now submerged.
The weather was slightly on the chilly side and there was quite a chop on the water, but it did not prevent our sailing enjoyment.

Indeed when Carl and myself got around to getting our 500s on the water it made for great fun racing, these boats were extremely closely matched and there was absolutely no visual difference in performance, this bodes well for the club and interclub races.

So come on all members with Club 500s lets see them on the water, and lets have some serious fun.
You will also see in the pics that we now have a new rescue dinghy.

Thanks go to Mark Thompson for sourcing this boat, he brought it to the pool put it on the water and demonstrated it stability which is very impressive, and should make boat retrieval very much safer and easier.
It is now at Carl's where it will be fitted with a seat/battery box, and the motor is being modified to suit the boat.
Around 4 o/clock the clubhouse beckoned and so we retired for a nice warm mug of tea or coffee.
Hope to see you all soon
Mark  .

Don't forget, NEXT Saturday 25th, is the FIRST of our monthly race meets for BOTH Club 500's AND SAIL !