Ski club work party and Lynx build update [7]

Today we started initial "works" at the Ski Club site, in preparation to being able to sail our model boats from there. The main tasks were to remove the water based plant life, as there branches could prove hazardous to propellers!
We also cleared some of the deadwood from the shoreline to give a better line of sight for sailing too.
The option of a floating jetty will have to be delayed until warmer water temp allows a diver in to the lake to remove the original securing posts, so we can relocate it. In the meantime, a set of steps will be introduced in to the bank to allow water access, for those not steady enough on the ski clubs floating jetty

Mark starting to set out the course markers.  there were several versions of the Titanic theme tune being hummed on the bank, but  that breakfast didnt do much for boat balance, that boat props not going to do much !

Carl, en route to cut some of the branches out

Go on Carl, give em the snip!

Groundforce Andy - hard at work in design and delelopment

The bank almost cleared now

Just a bit more wood in the water to clear by our launch/landing area and all the marker buoys set out.

Here is Part 7 of Mark's Lynx 47 build:-

Its time now to connect the fuel filter to the tygon fuel line and cut back the engine rail on the carb side so the fuel nipple is free to connect the tygon to the fuel tank bag.
then I pushed the water cooled tuned pipe onto the header pipe and fixed it in position with a tuned pipe retainer so I could fit the tuned pipe support bracket on the transom, then cut to length and fit all the water cooling lines from the twin pick-up rudder to the engine head (one line) and the exhaust manifold, tuned pipe (second line) to the 2 cnc aluminium water outlets. and of course fit the 2 large cnc aluminium turn fins each with 2  M2 cap head bolts and nyloc nuts.