Saturday Sailing 8/9/12.

This afternoons weather was brilliant, hot, sunny, slight breeze [at times], but this also brought out a lot of visitors to the Chasewater site, good in a way and there is always plenty of time to stand and watch out clubs boats on the pool, but there was even a line of people waiting for a pool sessions in the canoe's.
  Firstly, many thanks to Wayne for helping out on the pictures today,as due to work commitments, I was not able to be there from the start of sailing, so "Thanks Wayne"!
  There was a good and wide selection of boats on the water during the afternoon ranging from  rtr cat's , sail boats, speed boats [with attitude....... eh Wayne ?] and  some scale too. Due to the heavy activity on the water, there were a few minor mishaps, due to choppy water in the most instances, catching a few boats out, including my F1 tunnel, which did  s superb roll over at one stage, but was upstaged by Dave's Shovel nose which he had taken a bravery pill and took up to 11.1v lipo and an almost full throttle............. unfortunately, a couple of waves took it airborne and it landed upside down.  Never mind, rescue was at hand and the boat soon recovered to shore before any serious water damage done.
   There were also a few members of the public sailing their own craft, if they are looking at this site, please feel free to contact us and we can happily arrange club membership and insurance.

Dave's Shovel nose, going at a pace

OOOOO....... that paddle was close !

hop..........step and, er.............. oooops!

Pats boat, going very well

My F1 tunnel - going well

Thunder bird 2 ! a tug of many talents

Definately planing well.

A boat to watch out for once complete