Sunday Sailing 18/10/15.

Hope you enjoy this video clip, sent in by one of our club members today.
Hopefully more images and report will follow to add to this.
Thanks Tony !

19/10/15. Many thanks to Pat for kindly providing us with the latest report and also some interesting news on whats to come !

Sunday 18th 500 race. These are fun preliminary races until 2016 when the real comp starts.
Water flat calm again, though a few waves washed in from the ski boats but the 500`s coped easily. The weed problem seems to have gone.
Ist race only Vaughan, Paul with his taped up hull and myself set off and after some close racing for 6 laps my boat turned over no names mentioned but he has a taped up boat!
Paul and Vaughan both finished with 13 laps, Paul won, unlucky!
2nd race Phil joined with his new motor, Vaughan and Paul both finished with 13 laps, Vaughan winning, Phil & me both on 12 laps, Phil 3rd, me getting used to being last.
3rd and final race, Phil withdrew, the new motor not wanting to turn anymore. Paul`s luck ran out early too and his boat rolled over, maybe an act of god or a nudge from another 500?
After some poor steering by me Vaughan pulled away, but i hunted him down & on the last (12th) lap his luck ran out, his boat rolling over too. I managed 13 laps.
final positions 1st Vaughan 38 laps, 2nd me 31 laps, 3rd Paul 26 and Phil a commendable 12 laps from 1 race.
10.30 next Sunday weather permitting bring your 500`s. I heard a rumour that Paul might have aquired a new 500 from Dave?? Turn the heat up!!!!!