Sunday Sailing 25/10/15

My thanks go to Pat again for forwarding a sailing report on todays antic's !

Sunday 25th Oct sailing
Apology for not taking camera but no new boats were sailing other than Vaughan`s new Pursuit, almost straight out of the box plus a drop of glue, it ran well, as they do and we know what they look like.
All the Pursuits ran well, Terry managing to get his tangled in some rope stopping it dead, no collisions non turning over, all very civilized.
Phil ran his cruiser and Ed sailed his yacht in light wind and calm water.
We had 2 Club 500 informal races again proving to be fun for most.
The first started with some close racing around 2 buoy`s as the field stretched out those sailing up the course getting close to passing boats sailing down the course ending in a head on collision. Terry finishing 1st with 15 laps Paul also 15 Vaughan 14 Phil on 12  and me last. Unfortunately Phil`s boat going over the top of mine in the incident which stopped both our boats. Phil`s coming off slightly worse with busted coupling and a few internal cracks which put him out of the second race, again.
Its nothing personal!!!
The second race going in what appears to be the customary  “pecking order” Terry finishing 1st, Paul, Vaughan and me last again.
Terry the time keeper and Ed for doing the scoring were thanked and appreciated.
I`m not sure what Terry has painted his with but its the one to beat.
Same time next week 10.30 the more 500`s the merrier.
Maybe run a triangular course next week to save any more accidents.