Wednesday Evening Sail 22/4/15.

Report from todays evening sail.

Today saw the first evening sail of the year, and what an evening it was.
We had a good turnout of members making the most of the conditions, the weather was ideal for all model boats.
Five of us held an impromptu club 500 race, three managed to finish the race the right way up although Phil crossed the line with the top missing from his boat, later rescued by Terry.
The conditions were perfect for the maiden sail of my US Coastguard boat, and to say I am happy with it is an understatement.
I was expecting to add a little ballast but the boat sits nicely on the water and performs very well.
Terry and Paul put their pursuits their paces and enjoyed the very calm conditions.
The Collins brothers accompanied by Diane, spent a great deal of time on the water and were happy to potter around the lake enjoying the evening sunshine.
Thanks to Ed and  Pat for commandeering my camera and taking photos of the evening.
Mark Hough