Sunday sailing 22 & 29 March 2015.

Firstly apologies for the delay in posting the Sunday Sailing reports, but hope this double header makes up for the long wait !

Sunday 22nd March
The weather and water conditions were near perfect for the mornings powered racing, dead calm surface and no wind.
The lack of wind meant that the planned yacht race was out of the question, Cyril the most experienced amongst us did put his boat on the water, but it still took him around 30 minutes to do a lap of the course.
The fast electrics were also ruled out, as only we only had boat.
The combined scores for the two races were as follow.

VAUGHAN:      20    POINTS
             PAT:     20    POINTS
            PHIL:     16    POINTS
         CYRIL:     11    POINTS
       ROGER:      10   POINTS
         MARK:       4   POINTS
        TERRY:       3   POINTS

All present made the most mornings conditions and enjoyed the sailing.

Sunday 5th April

Once again the conditions were fantastic dead calm water and the slightest of breath of a wind.
It was good to see Ed Jones was feeling well enough to join us for a while, hopefully it will not be to long before he is up to sailing again.

The combined point scores were.
Club 500
       TERRY:   20   POINTS   
          PAUL:   17   POINTS
       ROGER:   16   POINTS
            PHIL:   12   POINTS


           PHIL:     28   POINTS
      ROGER:     26   POINTS
      TERRY:     23   POINTS
           PAT:      20   POINTS
        PAUL:      17   POINTS
      CYRIL:       11   POINTS
      MARK:         4   POINTS


     PAUL:     22    POINTS
  TERRY:      18   POINTS
     CARL:      14   POINTS
        PAT:        8   POINTS

Once again the wind conditions meant that having a formal race would take an age, and so the skippers decided to have a general sail.
This along with the presence of John Yates with his new design of a cock and hen widgeon.
And John Collins with his beautiful new Sea Commander, his first boat built from a kit and one he can certainly be proud of.
Lets hope the conditions are good again this weekend, but with a little more wind.
Enjoy the pictures from the weekends.
Mark Hough

Just as a quickie update on My Tamar.  I have done a few little bits to the Y boat, so its ready to assist me in getting its loading bay the correct size and shape within the Tamar hull.
So from this basic boat....

We now have this !

Just awaiting conformation from RNLI of its serial number, so the final decals can be affixed.