Perkasa update.

I am continuing to renovate my Perkasa boat and have finally acquired 2 drive motors, which have now been fitted, along with the propeller shafts and rudders.  Now that the rudders are in situ, has also allowed me to bond in the Turbine exhausts, as I wish to display the boat with exhaust doors open, so it appears to be using the gas turbines for power, rather than leaving the doors closed, so making the boat look like its only using the reserve engines. But due to location of the exhausts, I have to wait until the rudders were in and linked up, to check for proper operation, before I bonded in the exhaust tubes, as they sit above the rudder posts. yes there is sufficient room to enable adjustment and removal [if need be] but had to be doubly sure before the glue was used.

The transom flap is now fitted and I have left some adjustment available so I can "trim" the boat, once its properly water tested under full load/speed. the "full size" variant used to run with as little as 1 degree negative, to keep the boat "planing" correctly and preventing the stern from sinking too deep in the water. I have to hold fire on mine, till full water trials take place, but being as Ive still got all the superstructure to complete, its a little way off yet.

Chasewater MBC is also considering setting up a "Boat Plan bank", so if any of our club members is willing to let someone else from our club, "borrow" a set of plans, please let me know [secretary], then what I propose is to draw up a list of all available plans and who has them, so I can put the person in touch with the one holding the plans. This way every member can still be assured of the safety of their own plans, as they will not be held "centrally" in storage.  I will however add a full list of current plans available on this website, so all members can check this list before having to make a purchase so to speak.

So, check those  dusty drawers and shelves, see what plans you do have laying about just gathering dust. You may of finished with them, but another member may be thinking of doing a similar build at some stage and its a nice way of being able to help a fellow club member out. Not only with letting them borrow the plans, but being able to then offer building advice and tips, to make their build even easier [hopefully].