Tamar update 13/4/15.

Slowly  [but steadily] does it.  I have been attacking another bit of the "Y boat" project area and have made up the rear deck doors. I thought it best to get these out of the way, so it then gives me the measurement I need to make up on the transom door top edge, as this acts as the rear lip edge for the deck doors too. Sounds more complicated in words than it does in pictures, see for yourself:
Deck doors closed - measurement now available for top edge of transom door.

one fold

2 fold

4 folds of doors

all open.
 There will of course be locking catches, which lock on to the rear deck rails for the doors, to prevent them falling closed on top of someones head !!!
The outer hinges were used, straight from the kit, but after fitting and operating a couple of times, the centre hinges failed, so were replaced by proper brass hinges, sourced from a "dolls house accessory supplier".