Steve [CMBC Secretary] thank you for sorting the membership and your effort during the year keeping us all on track. I hope the guys return their forms quickly.
Just a short report on the most memorable Christmas dinner held at The Turf Carvery last Tuesday.
Firstly we had no Trophy`s to hand out, on trophy night, so that was deferred. Terry was thanked for sorting the arrangements and we all having pre paid our deposit settled the balance with him. The Turf had phoned to check that we were still going which we confirmed though there was no snow as its on the A5. After a long time and not many staff around we received the pre ordered starters which we all enjoyed. Then as no staff were about we cleared our own plates from the table.
Eventually we were told the earlier shift had not cooked any meat and all we had was what was on show a bit of Pork and Gammon. Terry looked under pressure at this point and had his chat to the Management but in true British fashion we got on with it and ate the lot. Again we cleared the plates away and after what seemed an age our pre ordered Deserts arrived which we also polished off. At this point and after much remonstration an offer was made by the Management to Terry that we only paid the deposit and no more. Which was accepted. Terry grudgingly gave us our money back, he hates parting with cash.  So we did enjoy the night though fraught at times, Terry went from pats on the back to being the bad guy, about to be lynched, to being congratulated as a hero all in one night. You have got the job again next year mate, 3 course dinner for a fiver!!! Get in!
The weather is looking grim this Sunday morning so if i dont see you before Christmas, have a great time, thank you all for your support and effort during 2017 and look forward to a  healthy and prosperous New Year  2018 with you all.