sailing update.

Hi all just to say what a lovely warm evening at the pool, last night, pity many missed it!
Must be holiday time. Water level is getting low, might not need recovery boat soon as we will be able to wade out.
Does not apply to Terry, tanned and  back from his holidays, who can walk on water anyway.
Just a mention of a couple of dates in the future at Chase Water Sailing club.
23rd Sept Beer festival and cocktails
4th November Bonfire
Lets give them a bit of support here guys.
See you soon, get your 500`s ready for Sun 27th

  • I have placed an order for some "CMBC Stock" of motors and spare props for Club 500's. They will be with me shortly and will be available to CMBC members whilst at Lakeside. They will be available at "cost price" to you to purchase on site, so no excuses for not being able to continue after a minor pit stop !*   Steve G.

  • Incidentally, after speaking to Martin [club 500 slipway] this afternoon....prices of 500's may be going up as prices of plastics and brass continue to rise., so if you need a spare boat kit...suggest you get in early before they go over the £50 mark.   Its not confirmed yet, but as his supplies go up in price, he has no choice as he cant afford to subsidise...and where else can you go for a fun boat with such handling capability?