Sunday Sailing report 24/7/16.

Once again, many thanks to Patrick for kindly forwarding this report.

"Sunday morning calm every where in UK except Chasewater. Water had a bit of chop but most members had a go.
Warm dry morning, plenty of water has gone out of the pool and you could park 3 abreast at the waters edge.
Goodly turn out of regulars and a few old faces, names as below and craft.
Paul, Terry, Tony and me playing with the larger models which had no problems with the waves. Ed with yacht and Mark with Laser coped well in the breeze. Phil, Carl and I pushed the 500's round easily handling the waves though Carl's tug struggled. Biker Carl and Barry used various fast electrics which were twitchy in the conditions but still had fun and it was good to see John on his return to the pool still using crutches after his recent hip replacement.
Tigger was used a couple of times and has now been locked for security in the compound. It appears that a few stupid youngsters had used the jetty as a diving platform during the warm weather and let it float over the lake.
Sorry no pics