Following an on site survey on Sunday, The attending Club members have confirmed that the High water level of the Lake, causing loss of Car parking and access to the sailing area reduced, Plus the water is now lapping through the fencing around the secure boat area, where we were going to set our club stands, it would be better to CANCEL this arranged Regatta on Safety and feasibility grounds.

We do apologize to those who were looking forward to this event, but mother nature has played a bitter blow. The low temperatures and rainfall have raised the water level to an excess. The weather has then reduced the traffic on the canal network, which then means that water demand for lock usage is reduced, meaning the lake level does not fall as expected.

However!  Your attendance will be greatly appreciated at the Sailing Club's open Day on May Day Monday 2nd May 2016.
We do owe a lot to the Sailing Club for giving us permission to Sail on their water area, so here's one way to thank them in a way that all people attending their event will appreciate.