Tamar build 25/2/15.

Before I start doing some serious cutting out on the hull, I thought it wise to install the drivetrain first, whilst the hull is at its strongest [before the supports go in after].

I bonded the propshaft skegs to the shafts with epoxy and let dry first and whilst I marked out the underside of the hull for all the installation points.

The drive motor mounts are water cooled, just to help the motors out, well got to run cooling for the controllers so thought "why not".

I have opted for rubber couplings due to the higher rpm these motors will spin up to. The motor mounts and propshaft skegs were cross drilled and small brass rods passed through to help bond with the glass fibre filler.

 Please note, I have not finished the bonding on the motor mounts, there is only so much you can reach to with the motors in situ, which I needed to do to ensure the drive train was as inline as possible.  I do have some adjustment on the motor mounts for final trimming later.