Sunday Sailing 1/2/15.

1st day of another month!

Many thanks to Mark, Club Chairman for his report on todays sailing:

Todays report.

Carl and myself turned up at the club to find the conditions almost unsailable, freezing cold, blowing a gail and waves with white caps.
Carl did get his yacht on the water for a few minutes but decided it was just to rough, and so we decided to go to the railway café to warm up and a cup of tea.
While locking up we got in touch with Terry to tell him of the situation, and as luck would have it Paul was at the gate followed by John the goose.
Terry joined us at the café for a chat and it was decided that because Paul had his key for the ski club we would have a look at the conditions there.
Although still cold and windy, it was good enough for a short sail, and so the yachts were put on the water.
While on the water a new nautical term was heard from the skippers, it was "you dirty b£!tard"
After a chat, the translation is thought to be " you are a scamp, you took my wind ".
Just as we were preparing to leave Mel turned up with his Black Jack, and wanting to give it a go with 6 cells installed we decided to stay.
And so with 6 fully charged cells and his gps fitted away he went.
It was obvious from the start it was quick, and so it proved to be, with a top speed of 48.5 mph recorded, well done Mel.
Finally it was thought, that because we were able to sail at the ski club we should meet there next SATURDAY 7th FEB from 1pm till approx 4pm.
Hope to see you there.
Mark Hough