Sunday Sailing 16/11/14.

Sunday sailing report.

Sunday morning saw Chasewater covered with a heavy mist, so much so we couldn't see the opposite bank.
Carl, Terry and Paul suffered radio interference and after some head scratching we put the glitch down to 2.4 radios and the mist.
This proved to be right, as when the mist disappeared so did the problem.
The slight breeze and calm water was ideal for the yachters amongst us, and we had plenty of time on the water.
Phil and John Collins had a good brotherly bonding session.
Phil found out to his cost that props don't work that well when your boat hits the shore with the power on. 
John took along his goose with its cruising neck, opting to leave the racing neck at home.
Don't forget we now sail on Sundays from 10am.